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Diyarbakir Tourism Potential

Diyarbakir is ready to be transformed into an attraction center in means of both cultural and belief tourism as an alternative to tourism that has spread to specific parts of Turkey. The...

Diyarbakir General Information

Having the role of a natural migration path between Anatolia and Mesopotamia, Europe and Asia, Diyarbakir and surroundings have carried on until today various civilizations’ historica...

Diyarbakir’s History

Diyarbakir, an important cultural city, has been accepted as the center of cultural and economic actives of each era’s great civilizations. Located on east-west and north-south trade roa...

Geographical Structure of Diyarbakir

General Location On southeast of Anatolian region, Diyarbakir, is located on 37.52 north latitudes and 40.13 east longtitudes. The city is surrounded by: Batman and Mus from east; Mardi...

Historical Places in Diyarbakır