General information about the Culture and Tourism Project Unit
Culture Tourism Project Unit has been set with the 24.01.2011 date and 881 numbered approval of Governorship of Diyarbakir in order to coordinate and fulfill the specified work within this approval.
The unit has been set with the purposes of: following the studies of all the public enterprises that serves or carries out studies in the area of Culture and Tourism in the city, to ensure cooperation between the organizations, preparing and carrying out projects, and fulfilling secretariat of City Culture and Tourism Coordination.
Following the activities set in the area of Culture and Tourism, increasing public enterprises, increasing the coordination of cooperation between institutions, contributing to development of tourism infrastructure, and designing projects in this area.
Protecting and announcing rich historical and cultural heritage of Diyarbakir,  in addition to the existing tourism facilities, developing alternative tourism, strengthening tourism infrastructure, providing the city to come to the fore with the values in the deserved way and increasing economical contributions in the area of tourism.
1-Restoration, maintenance and repair of public institutions, that serve in the area of Culture and Tourism, observing, recording, and recording project works in place, 
2-Preparing and presenting projects for National and International funding sources and fulfilling the activities in the event of getting grant support 
3- Organizing Provincial Culture and Tourism Coordination Council meetings, providing information for the council about studies carried out in city center and counties, and fulfilling council secretariat,
4- In case of collaboration with other councils conducting introductory meetings and organizations, attending fairs, holding activities such as cultural and arts activities and symposiums, conferences, and seminars, preparing documents and materials telling historical and cultural pieces,
5- Developing and carrying out projects and models that would develop to the city’s Cultural and Tourism the infrastructure,
6- Determining potential, following development, recording, and carrying out inventory works in the field of Culture and Tourism.