City Walls Provide Tourism Project

Date : 12-02-2012
Project Name: City Walls Provide Tourism Project 
Project duration: 18 months
Applicant: Provincial Culture And Tourism Directorate
Project Coordinator: Diyarbakir Governorship
Project Budget: 7.117.951, 42 TL
The aim of the project: Civilizations that had lived in Diyarbakir have immortalized the city with marks of their eras. Each civilization has presented its culture in an “Open Air Museum” way by integrating with formers and passing on to future generations by enriching it. It is possible to come across marks of all great civilizations that once ruled the city and many historical monuments in all over the city. Foremost among these comes the walls that resemble bothus in bird’s eye view and surrounds the city head over heels. The second in the world after China in terms of the length, Diyarbakir Walls, are regarded to be first in terms of height and survival. Being probably the most important structure design of common human products, Diyarbakir Castle has maintained its importance throughout all the eras. In this context;
All the project studies approved by Cultural Heritage Protection Council , our city’s cultural heritage 10-26-50 numbered and 62 numbered 4 bastions located in Diyarbakir Walls will be restored and brought into tourism. With this project, Diyarbakir Walls will be nominated to UNESCO Cultural Heritage.
Bastions that will be restored within the context of this project are:
•       Bastion no.10 
•       Bastion no.26 
•       Bastion no.50 
•       Bastion no.62