Introduction to the Cultural Heritage of Diyarbakir

Date : 12-02-2012
Project Name: Introduction to the Cultural Heritage of Diyarbakir 
Project duration: 24 months
Project Owner: Diyarbakir Governorship
Project Coordinator: Provincial Directorate Of Culture And Tourism
Project budget: 2.812.000.00 TL
The aim of the project: In the context of the project it is aimed to minimalize the factors affecting the city’s image, create awareness about tourism, hold  national and international promotion organizations as to introduce our city’s Cultural Heritage and Tourism elements.
Within this scope, our city’s lack of presentation materials, introductory activities and reaching the target audience works has been set. With this project, printing of introductory materials on behalf of our city’s introduction, such as: fair organizations (Berlin Fair, EMİTT Fair, İzmir Travel Fair, JATA Fair, Moscow Tourism Fair etc.) documentary which has not been shot in a professional way in our city yet, introductory VTRs, introduction movies and efforts to reach the target audience; research books of academicians who are expert on the topic of cultural heritage values of our city where many civilizations have lived (Abstract Cultural Heritage Book, Diyarbakır Walls Tablets-Figures, Diyarbakır Counties’ Cultural Heritage, Conventional Islam Arts Diyarbakir Works Books etc.), travel guide and manuals, will provide there to be tourism conferences  (Diyarbakır Cultural Heritage, Diyarbakır Tourism Conference, Diyarbakır’s Tourism and Middle East, SEAP and Diyarbakir in Turkey’s Tourism etc.)  about our cultural heritage.
The Scope of This Project; 
• Promotional Films
• Documentaries
• Fair Organizations
• Printed Materials Publications
• Scientific Symposium Events
• Promotion Days
• Concept Studies of Presentation, will be carried out.