Prince’s Mansion Design Project

Date : 12-02-2012
Project Name: Diyarbakir Prince’s Mansion Design Project 
Project duration: 18 months
Project Owner: Diyarbakir Governorship
The aim of the project: Project drawing works of one of our historical mansion, Prince Mansion, which is one of the 2 new projects approved by the Supporting Attraction Centers Program, are in progress. By “Diyarbakir Prince’s Mansion Planning Project” it is aimed to improve the infrastructure of Diyarbakir Houses, one of Diyarbakir’s most important civilian architectural examples, and actuate tourism potential by making it sustainable. Diyarbakir Prince Mansion, which has a touristic value in the region and is a historical and cultural factor, is wanted to be brought in by having its project drawings done. In this context, it is aimed to gain the Prince Mansion’s no2 Parcel, which is placed in 161 city block and 38 screw plate, to tourism and maintain to the future generations by completing the building survey, restitution, restoration and electric-machine projects. Asa part of the project, Prince Mansion’s project drawings will be carried out in 948, 20 m2 area.