Restoration of the Citadel Walls of Diyarbakir Project

Date : 12-02-2012
Project Name: Restoration of the Citadel Walls of Diyarbakir Project 
Project duration: 24 months
Project Owner: Diyarbakir Governorship
The aim of the project: 20 bastions enclosing inner castle and inter-bastions as well as 4 doors, partaking in inner castle, are being restored as one of the 2 new projects approved within Supporting Attraction Centers Program. It is aimed to improve inner castle bartions’ and doors’ infrastructure, which are cores to Diyarbakir Walls, making them sustainable by actuating tourism potential. Diyarbakir Walls, which has touristic value in the area, are wanted to be gained to the tourism sector by being restored and rehabilitated. In this context, it is aimed to mold a public opinion on preserving of cultural heritage by regenerating lack of interest in cultural heritage in our city by providing the restoration of 20 bastions and 4 doors. With the project, Inner castle bastions and 4 doors that form the core of Diyarbakir Walls, in total of 908 meters length 5079 m2  (floor space of the area to be restored) area will be restorated